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ROROs and car carriers

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RORO4004 is a special module of Route99 designed to schedulie ROROs and car carriers.

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RORO4004 can be used to find an optimal schedule. Optimal scehdule means a schedule that meets all constraints and gives the best Fleet TC result. In this way RORO4004 does the job that an experienced chartering manager perfoms. But in this case the chartering team can get help from RORO4004 in generating the schedule that gives the best result.

In fact
RORO4004 can start with a blank schedule.

Ship data such as speed/consumption, cargo capacity is already stored in the Ship data file. Data for the cargoes to be lifted or more likely for ROROS, the trading routes, are given with information about laydays, min/max cargo, type of cargo, freight rate, commissions, portcharges, canal dues etc.

RORO4004 calculate automatically several hundreds of voyage estimates and use this to find the schedule that maximizes fleet TC result.

Experience shoiws that the fleet tc result can be increased by 5 - 10 % - which is a significant boost, but it also shows that even the best chartering manager has a limitation in compiling all data.

Below is a case illustration of a fleet of 37 ROROS and car carriers to be scheduled for first half 2013

Below is shown the list of vessels in the fleet that is to be scheduled. For each vessel is given the port where the vessel is statring and the date.
RORO4004 has an extensive list of port distances which are automatically hanlded when running the scheduling.

Case: All Jobs both contrractual and spot market are given with requirement such as:
Load ports / Discharge ports
Min/Max cargo intake
Freight rate or lumpsum

Cargo data for each trade route

Drydockings to be selected

case further

case again

Voyage estimate

A number of reports can be generated to show the results of this scheduling

Job allocation shows which vessels have been scheduled under each Trade route (also referred to as a 'Job'

The voyage summary report shows TC result, nr of days for each job under all the fleet

The position list s a detailed schedlue with expected arrrival and departure for each port. In many companies, the operations departments use this list in order to inform agents and arrange for port charges etc.

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