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Ship Strategy
The shipping industry in 2015 is slow in taking advantage of modern tools to asssit in scheduling and strategic planning. How can you verify that your chartering team is really doing a good job ? We have introduced the process that we call Chartering Value Analysis and our experience is that fleet tc result can be imporved by 5 - 10 % through using modern scheduling tools rather than relying on the pen and paper approach. See what McKnsey says about the do or die questions any shipping company should ask about IT.
is a new company that provides the shipping industry with tools that will improve decision making in aspects ranging from investment analysis, through daily scheduling till long term strategic planning. Our predecessor Norwegian Maritime Solutions started activities in 1984 - so we are building on a long history and valuable experience in assisting the industry in doing an even better job.

Asset management
An important aspect of asset management includes investment analysis: What to buy, when to buy, how to finance. has developed
Shipinvest4004 which is an efficient software tool that quickly will calculate key figures of investments: NPV, cashflow projectsions, IRR etc

Commercial management
Important aspects of commercial management includes the daily scheduling of the fleet. What cargoes to take on what ships. Shall we plan for one week, one month or 6 months ? What is the criteria for a "good" schedule ? Meeting contractuaal commitments, set optimal speed ? Maximize the fleet tc result ?


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Contact: Erik Stavseth

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