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How to optimize scheduling - Shipstrategy

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How to optimize scheduling

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Drybulk4004 enables the user to generate schedules from scratch. The user can start with a blank schedule and Drybulk4004 will find the scehdule that
* Fits all contractual requirements
* Takes into account all market opportunities
Produces the schedule that mazimizes the fleet tc result.

Typical constraints that the chartering team must take into account



Laydays for contractual cargoes

May 5th - May 7th 2013

Relaxing laydays is a very important issue that the operator must take into account: Can he match the contractual laydays or does he need charterer's approval to come either early or late.

Allow +/3 days relaxing laydays

Relaxation to take effect for cargoes 50 days into the future

Drybulk4004  can quickly calculate what is the economical impact fo coming late or early.

By relaxing laydays, the user may achieve a much better economical result and he will be able to judge whether he can pass on some of this added earning to the charterer

Min/Max cargo quantity to be lifted under each sailing

30,000 mt coal +/- 5 %

LOA and BEAM restrictions in load or discharge ports

Max LOA: 150 m
Max BEAM: 32 m

Stowage factor of cargo in order calculate cargo intake under different ships

Coal SF = 45 cubft/mt

Draft restrictions

Max 7 m draft in

Summer/winter zones:
When loading in a summer zone and vessels is coming into wintherzone DryBulk4004 will adjust cargo intake on basis of summer vs winter dwt.

Summer DWT: 45,000 mt
Winter DWT: 43,000 mt
Days from



Economical factors impacting the scheduling

Freight rate

Can be either a freightrate pr mt rate pr cubm
45 USD/mt

Broker commission

2.5 %

Port costs in load and discharge ports

80,000 USD for allship sizes
70,000 USD for vessels 30,000 - 50,000 dwt

or other formats

Portcharges can be specified in a number of formats:
Fixed lumpsum for all vessels in a certain category or size bracket
Can be imported from voyage accounting  system
Or corelated to dwt

Canal costs

Based on vessels Suez and Panama tons
Drybulk4004 has an updated tarif for canal rates thus calculating automaticall costs for passing in ballast or laden condition

Handling costs

10 USD/mt

Rate pr cargo unit or lumpsum

Demurrage and/or desptach if applicable

Demurrage: 30,000 USD/day
Despatch: half of demurage


Calculations carried out automaticall y by Drybulk4004

Cargo intake

Time in load port

3 days SHINC
15,000 mt/day SHEX

Time can be split into:
Time from seabuoy arrival to start loading
Handling time either cargo dependant or cargo independant

Time in discharge port

Terms.12,500 mt/day

Time in ballast

Time laden


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